Safety is personal. We all deserve to work in a safe place and go home to our families every day after work. The “we” refers to all people – our employees, subcontractors, everyone onsite and the public at large. At MCNW we know that each person, from the newest crew member to the Principals of the firm, should be equally accountable for safe work practices and creating a safe work place. We have implemented an environment which aims to increase and improve communication when a crew member sees something unsafe. This encourages anyone, at any level, to reinforce a safe work culture and confirms it’s okay to give safety feedback to supervisors, managers or people in other work groups. Intentionally improving the communication of safety throughout each day and identifying crew members who are most likely to take risks are part of this commitment for continuous improvement.

Safety Objectives


Promote the safety and well-being of each employee


Eliminate personal injury based on the belief that “injury-free” projects can and should occur


Encourage recommendations for improvements to safety throughout the company and each project


Establish individual responsibility for the safety program on each project that reaches all levels, including workforce

Key Elements of Our Safety Program

  • Holding pre-work safety meetings to cover the work tasks, associated hazards, work procedures, equipment, and required PPE.
  • Providing safety training applicable to the project scope of work at documented, weekly tool-box safety meetings.
  • Conducting frequent safety evaluations of jobs by our Safety Committee (comprised of employees from all facets of the company to ensure all perspectives are represented).
  • Establishing safety recognition programs for employees – safety awards are presented during tool-box safety meetings and other employee events.
  • Mandating new employee orientation and training programs.
  • Always following up with corrective measures through our accident and injury reporting system.
  • Ensuring that all subcontractors are vetted for their safety programs and associated EMRs.
  • Using AGC Safety Program to strengthen our project safety and health programs.
  • Partnering and coordinating with the client for job-wide safety and health efforts.
  • We invite Labor and Industries to tour and audit our jobsites to receive valuable input and incorporate their observations to provide the safest project environment.

Experience Modification Rating

We have worked hard to maintain a safe work environment which is reflected in an experience modification rating that is as low as possible.